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A World without lemon would be only sweet and salty; without the sour touch the rum would be very sad; fried fish would not taste the same, and the Aloe Vera with honey, the favorite home made remedy of grandmothers, could not be swallowed.


Upon discovering the importance of a world with lemon we began to work with Naws and Fios, Venezuelan artists, who since 2007, transformed the Crew LTF, from "Las Torres Familia" (Family Towers), to "Limón de Familia" (Family Lemon).


Pah, Denso, Carpe, Dork and Otick joined the group after the change, with the idea of not losing that sour touch and pay tribute to the fruit that introduces that sourness into the world. We decided to explore the lemon through typography, offering the city of Caracas public and private spaces filled with personality and style.